Razorfish Review for ‘Los Angeles: The Abduction’

The Spider Accomplice – Los Angeles: The Abduction BANDCAMP: https://thespideraccomplice.bandcamp.com/album/los-angeles-the-trap The release of Los Angeles: The Abduction from the three piece The Spider Accomplice marks the continued ascent of one of the most creative rock acts on the modern indie scene. Fronted by powerhouse female vocalist and rhythm guitarist VK Lynne, the band incorporates a number of sound effects to augment their musical efforts without ever risking pretentiousness that might…


The band is excited to reveal the first video from our new EP,’Los Angeles: The Abduction.’ Produced by Henry Dhuy, ‘You Still Lie’ is a rollicking trip through The Spider Accomplice’s hood! We hope you enjoy it! YOU STILL LIE

‘The Abduction’ Captures Critics’ Praise!

Hey folks! We hope you’re enjoying the new EP; so far it seems like the press is along for the crime! Here’s what they’ve had to say so far: “The Spider Accomplice has likely just made the best EP of the year two years in a row. “Los Angeles: The Abduction” is six tracks of beautifully deep and melodic pop/rock that does more in twenty-five minutes than a lot of…

Pre-Order the New EP, ‘Los Angeles: The Abduction’ !

The second installment of our ‘Los Angeles’ Trilogy is finally here!!! The official release date is October 1st, but you can pre-order it on Bandcamp NOW! Reviews are coming in, and here’s what critics are saying: “So here’s the bottom line; The Spider Accomplice has likely just made the best EP of the year two years in a row.” -Bloody Good Music

Help Save the Band: Abduction Update!

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The band needs your help– Arno & Justin have been abducted, and it couldn’t come at a worse time- The record is written and ready to be recorded! But without the Accomplice…how will The Spider spin???? It’s time to mobilize, #ArachnidArmy To raise the ransom money, VK is offering rewards to all contributors. We don’t know how diabolical our kidnapper is at this stage, so each dollar could be saving…

Los Angeles: The Abduction- Clue #1

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Note received with a hacked off portion of Justin’s pink tie… “Hello, VK. They say a band is like a marriage…Well, unless you want to become a Pink Widow, listen carefully. The male portion of TSA is now in our possession. They are being kept secure, but far from comfortable. They are subsisting on only Pizza Hut chicken wings and Natty Light. In their cell, a TV with spotty reception…