NEW EP, ‘Los Angeles: The Dichotomy’ IS RELEASED!

FINALLY! The last installment of the Los Angeles Trilogy has arrived…. ‘Los Angeles: The Dichotomy’! And the reviews are coming in: “The Spider Accomplice is the biggest little band in the world. This is absolutely stunning.” ~ Bloody Good Music “The first song… once again cements VK Lynne as The Voice of the alternative rock world.” –LA Music Critic Get it HERE or on any of these services!

Pre-Order the New EP, ‘Los Angeles: The Abduction’ !

The second installment of our ‘Los Angeles’ Trilogy is finally here!!! The official release date is October 1st, but you can pre-order it on Bandcamp NOW! Reviews are coming in, and here’s what critics are saying: “So here’s the bottom line; The Spider Accomplice has likely just made the best EP of the year two years in a row.” -Bloody Good Music

Help Save the Band: Abduction Update!

help save band, abduction

The band needs your help– Arno & Justin have been abducted, and it couldn’t come at a worse time- The record is written and ready to be recorded! But without the Accomplice…how will The Spider spin???? It’s time to mobilize, #ArachnidArmy To raise the ransom money, VK is offering rewards to all contributors. We don’t know how diabolical our kidnapper is at this stage, so each dollar could be saving…

What’s new on the Web?

‪#‎ArachnidArmy‬!!!! We have a special surprise coming for you in two weeks! The clock starts now…if you can guess EXACTLY what it is before April 5th, you will get a spider something delivered to your door! Post your guesses on our FB group here: The Spider’s Web