NEW EP, ‘Los Angeles: The Dichotomy’ IS RELEASED!

FINALLY! The last installment of the Los Angeles Trilogy has arrived…. ‘Los Angeles: The Dichotomy’! And the reviews are coming in:

“The Spider Accomplice is the biggest little band in the world. This is absolutely stunning.” ~ Bloody Good Music

“The first song… once again cements VK Lynne as The Voice of the alternative rock world.” –LA Music Critic

Get it HERE or on any of these services!

Help Save the Band: Abduction Update!

help save band, abduction

The band needs your help– Arno & Justin have been abducted, and it couldn’t come at a worse time- The record is written and ready to be recorded! But without the Accomplice…how will The Spider spin????

It’s time to mobilize, #ArachnidArmy
To raise the ransom money, VK is offering rewards to all contributors. We don’t know how diabolical our kidnapper is at this stage, so each dollar could be saving a finger, or providing a chicken wing. Updates will be posted as they come in!

Time is ticking.
The quicker we can rescue the boys, the quicker we can get back to making music! We have rewards to accommodate every level of assistance that you can offer, so peruse and choose!
Every week new perks will be added until we get our boys home!

Every click counts!
We need to get the story out to as many eyeballs as possible, if we’re going to succeed in our mission!

There are many ways to help!!!
Share the campaign on your social networks!
Post photos of TSA memorabilia and show Arno & Justin our solidarity with them!
Our hashtags are #SpiderAbduction #FreeJaylee #FreeTheFinn
LET’S GET OUR BAND BACK!!!!! Click the link below!