Los Angeles: The Abduction

Los Angeles: The Abduction- Clue #1

Note received with a hacked off portion of Justin’s pink tie…

“Hello, VK.

They say a band is like a marriage…Well, unless you want to become a Pink Widow, listen carefully.

The male portion of TSA is now in our possession.

They are being kept secure, but far from comfortable. They are subsisting on only Pizza Hut chicken wings and Natty Light. In their cell, a TV with spotty reception is playing reruns of Simon & Simon. And a radio with perfect reception is playing Kanye.

Clearly, they won’t last long.

If you want to ever see these two pink degenerates again, you’ll scrounge up $5,000 and deliver it PERSONALLY- Do NOT send Alysse- to a designated location, which will be revealed to you in further correspondence.

You’ve got 40 days.


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