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New single & video, ‘Oil Meets Rain,’ drops!

Who could have predicted in March that we would still be here, in limbo? In a kind of mental, physical, and spiritual suspension between spring, summer, fall, and now, winter- nearly a year of COVID-19-imposed suppression.

Yet even so, there has been growth, laughter, revelation, rejuvenation in this time when we’ve been forced to spend time with OURSELVES and the people in closest proximity to us. For better or worse, we have changed.

Admittedly, we have had moments of anger, of bitterness, of selfishness, and despair. How could we not?

But we have also learned perspective. We have learned to bake bread, renovate and reorganize our homes, play the piano, write poetry. We have learned the value of community, and taking responsibility for the governance of our society. We have learned to never take the little pleasures for granted.

So you see…we’ve actually done a lot in a small amount of space. 😉
It was with these things in mind that we created the video for Oil Meets Rain. We hope you enjoy it.❤️

Oil Meets Rain
Singing to the back seats
Singing for the back streets
If your moonlight ends in sorrow
If your sun don’t rise tomorrow
Walking from the black seats
Walking down the black streets
Fire engine passion claims
Candy apple crimson flames
Maybe it’s not gonna be alright
But don’t you walk away from the fight
There’s a rainbow when the oil meets rain
The light finds beauty in the pain
Praying away the rage
Praying for better days
Minds can’t be remade from anger
Mind you don’t ignore the danger
In the blood upon their hands
In the sinking where I stand
There’s a story for the soul
With no rocks upon the road
With a crack within the code
The victory is hollow.

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